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Business Insurance for Retail Stores
A Package that accommodates all your Business insurance needs

Let PENTECO Help You Protect Your Business

Basic Liability & Property Insurance

You’ve worked hard to build your dream into a business reality. Let The Hartford build a business insurance plan to protect that hard-won retail business. We’ve made it our goal to understand the unique exposures and important issues that need to be considered when customizing an insurance package for a business like yours. And The Hartford has the broad array of coverage products to meet those needs at a competitive price.

Your location is key. If you had to move, you could lose valued repeat customers. So, if you have a property loss, you might prefer to rebuild rather than relocate.

Business Income coverage is critical at times like this to reimburse you for loss of earnings and operating expenses that occur even though your business activities may be temporally stalled. Spectrum also offers extended Business Income coverage up to 12 months – that can amount to up to one additional year of Business Interruption coverage after operations have resumed.

You may be dependent on other businesses.

You may have retail space near an important anchor location. Should the anchor store suffer a large property loss, you might incur reduced sales or even need to shut down during construction.

You may use just-in-time merchandising to help manage the amount of inventory on hand. Coordinating supply and demand in formation between your store and your suppliers is important.  Spectrum may be endorsed to provide Business Income coverage from Dependent Properties.

This endorsement can provide Business Income coverage for a covered loss at the premises of an anchor property or a major supplier.

Fast, powerful computers and specialized software programs are a business necessity.  Whether tracking sales or inventories or processing payments, your computer systems are important. Spectrum includes Computers and Media as covered business personal property and protects your investment in computer technology by reimbursing you for physical loss or damage to computer hardware. Coverage is extended to loss of or damage to data or computer software on a more limited basis.

Our optional Computers and Media Coverage form provides built-in coverage for virus damage to computer equipment, software and data. Limits are available up to $2 million.

Stretch endorsements each also contain additional limits.

For many retailers, employee theft is a problem.  Despite security measures, you may find that employee theft is an ongoing problem.

Our optional Employee Dishonesty endorsement can be the answer. Limits from $10,000 to $250,000 are available. Additional limits are provided under many of our Stretch endorsements.

You may have variable inventories. Peak season inventories can rise by as much as 20% or more over the norm for many retailers. The Spectrum Special Property Coverage form provides for a 25% seasonal increase. This coverage can be applied when you have covered your business personal property at the scheduled premises to at least 100% of the average monthly values. Additional Seasonal Increase options are available up to 50%.

Your leased space may be decorated to create a certain atmosphere. The Special Property Coverage form includes Tenants Improvements and Betterments within the Business Personal Property limit. A separate limit, sometimes required contractually by a landlord, may be established for Tenant’s Improvements and Betterments and established in the policy Declarations.

Workers’ Compensation

The injury rate for workers in the retail sector is slightly higher than the national average – frequently as a result of lifting during restocking, toppling merchandise, slips, trips and falls.

As one of the largest and most experienced workers’ compensation carriers in the country, we offer:

Access to a nationwide network of over 400,000 healthcare providers skilled in handling workplace injuries and helping injured employees get back to work. These network resources, combined with contracted network discounts, help The Hartford get the most out of every healthcare dollar.

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