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Motor Truck Cargo Liability Insurance

Let PENTECO Help You Protect Your
Motor Truck Cargo

Motor Truck Cargo Liability coverage your trucking company can depend on Every day, more consumer and industrial goods move across the U.S. by truck than by any other form of transportation. While the majority of goods are delivered without incident, some are damaged or lost along the way. When that happens, having the right coverage can make the difference between keeping a customer after a loss, or losing one to a competitor.

Motor Truck Cargo Liability coverage is an important risk management tool for independent truckers as well as trucking fleets. It can help you survive the consequences of over the road events that result in damage to or loss of your customers’ goods. When you purchase Motor Truck Cargo Liability from PENTECO, you get essential protection designed specifically for your industry. You also have the flexibility to customize your limits of liability and add optional coverage to meet your company’s needs and exposures.

We understand your business’ needs.

• Broad coverage without exclusions for:


− Poor or insufficient packing

− Unexplained disappearance

− Shortage found upon taking inventory

• Plain language policy form makes it easy to understand what’s covered and what’s not

• Optional coverage for:

− Mechanical Breakdown of refrigeration or heating units

−Contingent Coverage

− Cargo Recovery Expense

− Shipper’s Control of Undamaged Goods

Marine Specialists

• Marine Specialists who work with your agent or broker to help them properly protect your business.

• Motor Truck Cargo Liability claim specialists to handle your claim quickly and efficiently and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

General Liability coverage

The Hartford can offer general liability to protect your business from bodily injury or property damage resulting from covered causes of loss at your business premises. General liability limits of $1 million per occurrence; $2 million aggregate are available.

Substitution of Vehicles

If your covered vehicle is disabled and unable to transport goods, coverage is extended to cargo transported in a temporary replacement vehicle.

Newly Acquired Vehicles

Your Hartford policy automatically includes up to $100,000 for a covered loss that occurs to Covered Property in a newly acquired vehicle for up to 30 days.

Newly Acquired Terminals

Coverage is extended to property at a terminal you acquire after the effective date of this policy, for the first 30 days after acquisition of the terminal or until the policy expires.

Reusable Packing Containers

As a carrier, you may be responsible for damage not just to the cargo in your care, but also to the packing containers for the goods. Your Hartford policy provides up to $5,000 in any one occurrence for loss to reusable packing containers.

Debris Removal Expense

Removing and disposing of property after an accident can be costly, especially when that property is blocking a highway or road. We provide up to $5,000 for debris removal in any one occurrence when covered property is damaged by a covered cause of loss.

Pollutant Cleanup and Removal

Your Hartford policy will pay any legally imposed expenses you incur, up to $10,000 in any one occurrence and up to $25,000 per policy period, to remove or extract pollutants from land or water when they are released as a result of a covered loss to covered property.

Earned Freight Charges

If you are unable to collect earned freight charges due to a covered loss to Covered Property, The Hartford’s policy may pay up to $5,000 coverage for uncollectible freight charges.

Loading and Unloading

The potential for damage to goods in transit is especially acute during loading and unloading from vehicles and other conveyances. The Hartford’s policy extends coverage to losses resulting from loading or unloading that occurs within 500 feet from any transporting conveyance.

Optional Mechanical Breakdown of Refrigeration and Heating Units

Truckers who carry perishable, temperature sensitive goods are exposed to more than just the usual over the road exposures. This optional coverage is designed to protect your goods in transit from spoilage, freezing or change in temperature resulting directly from the mechanical breakdown of refrigeration or heating units on the vehicle.  Limits may be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Optional Contingent Coverage

Your company may not always have your own vehicles standing by to accept new business. With optional Contingent Coverage from The Hartford, you can accept new work, subcontract the carriage, and rest assured that you’ll have coverage for your own liability, if any, for goods transported by another carrier under contractual agreement with you.

Optional Cargo Recovery Extra Expense

Accidents sometimes result in a loss to a truck or terminal without damage to the cargo. Some policies don’t cover the expenses associated with recovering or protecting the undamaged cargo. The Hartford policy covers your actual and necessary expenses, up to $25,000, when undamaged property is salvaged and protected against loss following an accident to your vehicle or terminal.

Optional Coverage for Shipper’s Control of Undamaged Goods

This optional coverage applies to your liability for the loss of value to undamaged goods when a partial loss occurs to Covered Property, as a consequence of a written contract term by a shipper, up to $25,000.

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